Luca Riemma is an award winning actor and has fifteen plus years of experience in the entertainment industry facilitating international relationships for the entertainment industry globally. An executive producer and member of the SLTC supporting tech start-ups in the USA for international growth. Well known for such roles as Pietro in “Un Posto al Sole”. 

His career started at age 16, when he played a role in the critically acclaimed and award winning film “Antonio Capuano.” Soon after, he played the lead in two independent movies “Capo Nord” and ” I cinghiali di portici” that gave him broad popularity in Italy. Thanks to this, he was cast as Pietro Maio, in the television program “Un posto al sole.”

He then joined the cast of other mainstream TV programs, such as “La Squadra,” “7 Vite Come I Gatti,” “Barbara and I”. He had the honor to work with the award winning director Mario Martone in two of his productions “Le nozze di Figaro” and “Don Giovanni.” He played the co-lead in the upcoming TV series “Bruna in Beverly Hills,” and was cast by Francis Ford Coppola on his live cinema project “Distant Vision.” Along with being the executive producer of “This is the Year”. Some of his notable awards are the nomination for the David di Donatello (the Italian Oscars) for his performance in the film “Lo Guarracino,” Winner of the ” the “Roberto Rossellini Acting Award” as well as the “Best Actor Award of the Napoli Cultural Classic”. Winner of the “PREMIO OSCAR DEI GIOVANI, GIORNATA D’EUROPA” 2011.